Saturday, November 27, 2010

Advent & Christmas Countdown activities

An advent calendar contains reminders each day that Christmas is coming. Advent is a term from the Latin word adventur which means "arrival". The advent officially begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas.

Each December, families begin to decorate their homes, inside and out. They get out the special Christmas dishes to use during the holidays. The Christmas photo album is proudly displayed for all to enjoy. The favorite Christmas stories and books are set out. The traditional nativity scene is carefully set up. An advent calendar begins the time of anticipation. The house is filled with Christmas music and the sweet smell of baking. It is truly a time of preparation and joy.

Here are a few of my favorites from the web:

Confessions of a Homeschooler features a easy to make idea. You could make these as simple or as snazzy as you want. Their idea list includes many fun ideas such as Minivan Express and Root Beer Floats.

Martha Stewart has a pretty red and white display. This one did not number the boxes but instead lets the kids choose which one each day that they feel drawn to.
Another Marthat Stewart idea is using baby socks. This is expecially sweet for those who only have little tiny ones instead of bigger kids to do an activity or enjoy a sweet treat.
Such creative ideas and yet easy to make snowflake countdown advent can be seen on Eighteen25. The snowflakes would make a beautiful decoration in any home and also gives a handful of ideas to use for your activities- one of my favorites being "play musical chairs with Christmas music".

What a fun way to count down the days 'til Christmas and helps for those who ask "How many more days" over and over. Check it out at Make and Takes.

Maya*Made features a recycled cardboard tube advent. I love the simplicity of this one...I'm pretty sure this is the one we will make this year. I love the colors of the ice blue and white as well. So pretty for winter!
If you have a house with kidlets who love to craft- this one is for you! Little Christmas trees with treats hiding underneath are found on Ikat bag.

Stitch/ Craft shows us a crafty fabric chain that is made to look like the classic paper chain. Paper slips are inside each link with ideas for each day.

One last spot to spend some time is to check out Laura's blog for a whole bunch of neat Advent activities. Laura and her family made some of the cutest ornaments with some of the Christmas books they read. Be sure to check out her tree at the Festival of Trees this year as well!

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