Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Healthy Living with Monica Green-Connell

My name is Monica Green-Connell and Monica Mayberry has asked me to share some fitness ideas to the blog so I thought I could contribute something 1-2x/month.

My background: I have been a Physical Therapist for over 13 yrs with a focus on otpt orthopaedics, manual therapy and fitness. I am currently working on my Doctorate in Physcial Therapy. Physical Therapists are experts in musculoskeletal disorders and we are in a perfect position to promote wellness and fitness at its highest level. Our knowledge base and education outweighs any personal trainer you may have seen in the past. I am also a Strength and Conditioning Specialist certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association(NSCA), the most reputable association in the world. I was a competitive marathon runner, competing in 7 marathons with my PR of 2:59:23 in Austin TX in 2001. I am trying to get back into running competitively but it is hard to find time between work, two young boys(6yrs and 3 yrs). I was also a Division I collegiate VB player and continue to love VB and nearly all sports. We moved to Glenwood in July from Connecticut. My husband is also a Physical Therapist at the Glenwood Alegent Health Clinic in town.

I will turn to some ideas/facts that you might find helpful, and most importantly inspiring for you to incorporate fitness into your lives! FYI: I am always looking for someone to workout with …(we have an upright bike, treadmill, and weight rack with high/low pulleys in our house). I only work 2 days/wk and have a 3yr old at home that would love to play with your kids while we work out. I hope to start a running club in the Spring and maybe if there is enough interest we can start a walking club in the Spring.

The holiday season is here and that means lots of good food, drink, parties, rushing to get shopping done, etc…. Remember moderation is KEY!!!! Indulge in goodies but set a limit! Then don’t forget to exercise or at least raise your heart rate by dancing with your toddler, parking at the end of the lot, taking stairs, having a snowball fight, building snowmen with your kids…..just MOVE!!!

Most patients I see do not exercise regularly due to long hours at work, commuting, no babysitter, etc…. but ALWAYS remember if being fit is important to you, you will make it more of a priority in your schedule!

Benefits of exercise at the holiday season:
1) Exercise will help vent stressors
2) Exercise will help you sleep better and your kids too!
3) If you experience the holiday blues exercise will help you feel better mentally.
4) Exercise will help you burn off some of the extra calories ingested.
5) Bond with children through exercise on weekends or during break—your children will likely be more fit if you set a good example!!

 65% of adolescents in US are overweight
 Nearly 97 million adults(one third of all adults) in US are overweight or obese
 Calculate BMI(body mass index) for preferred body composition assessment. To calculate: weight(lbs)/height(in)2 x703 Overweight is defined as BMI of 25 to 29.9 and obese is > 30kg/m2
 3,500 calories = one pound. So if you burned or had negative input of 3500 calories in one week you would lose one pound. Keep in mind water weight, however.
 Calories for sedentary individuals set at a minimum of 1200 for women and 1500 for men.
 Obesity could contribute to many diseases such as heart disease, peripheral artery disease, diabetes to list a few. There is even speculation of obesity being a contributing factor of breast cancer.
 Reference: Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning 2nd ed. Baechle, T & Earle, R.

NO DIET WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The most important goal for weight loss is to achieve a negative calorie balance. Portion size is most important and a focus on calorie intake. Ex. Try to eat nutrient rich foods---eat a potato instead of chips or fries. Try to eat dense foods----eat fruit, soup, lettuce---which has a high water content which will fill you up faster.

REMEMBER in your busy busy lives to take care of yourself!! You have to be healthy and happy first to take care of your kids and your family!!! 
Your beautiful body is your temple God has given you----take care of it and make healthy food and lifestyle choices!


Remember eat to live NOT live to eat!

Monica Green-Connell MSPT CSCS


Laura said...

Thanks, Monica. Great ideas! Count me in for the running club when you start it. However, please allow for my very slow pace, 'kay?
Laura Lambert

Krystal said...

Thanks for the article, Monica! I am a runner (not competitive - I would love to beat 5 hours for a marathon). Let me know if you do start a running club because I would be interested. Thanks!