Monday, December 6, 2010

Mommy & Me Monday: CUTE Neighbor Gifts

OK...........I was SO excited to find this super-cute gift idea on the Beehive Cottage blog. In case you are wondering, I started subscribing to the Beehive Cottage blog because Maryjane, the blogger, has the most adorable restored vintage travel trailer. If you click through to her blog, check out the photos of her trailer on the sidebar. I totally want one in my backyard. It could be my own little MomCave. Anyway, I digress. I loved this idea so much that I headed to Family Dollar this week and bought all the Junior Mints they had as well as four 2-packs of stretchy magic gloves for $2 each. You can make this super-cute gifts for less than $2 each. I am going to have the boys help me make them up so they can give them to their school principals and specials teachers.

To make these, click on the link above. That will take you to the blog where you can print out the snowman face. I printed mine on regular printer paper. Depending upon what treat you want to wrap, you will need to trim the snowman printable down to fit. I chose Junior Mints because #1: I love them (having a hard time not ripping into one of the boxes, actually) and #2: They seem very minty-fresh, and, therefore, true to the Christmas season. These would also be awesome wrapped around huge chocolate bars (I actually considered this, but the mints at Family Dollar were about 25 cents cheaper) or (like Maryjane did) wrapped around packages of microwave popcorn. I just taped my wrapper on the back using Scotch tape. I will add a sticker tag with our family name.

NOTE: You could also just trim printer paper and have your child draw a snowman face and buttons. That would make this gift even more personalized.

After putting the wrapper on, pull a glove over the top like a stocking cap and tie the fingers together with a ribbon as shown. This would be a great gift with a pair of gloves. However, I am doing mine on the cheap and just using one glove per gift. That way I can make 16 gifts from only four 2-packs of gloves. (NOTE: Pamida has 2-packs of magic gloves one sale for $1.98 right now.)


Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS!!!! and how easy:) thank you for the great ideas-- I don't always comment but love them all!!

Anonymous said...

used this in a care package to my nephews - wrapped up microwave popcorn and used the other glove from the set to hold hot chocolate - then took a picture of us in the snow and added the book The Snowmen at Christmas:0 They live in AZ so I gave them a little snow for their Christmas and with a theme:) Gingerbread men next year! Thank you and loved the easy idea!