Saturday, July 31, 2010

Get to Know Your Steering Team - Monica- Co Coordinator

1. How many children do you have and what are their ages? 4, ages 8, 7, 5.5, 6 months

2. How long have you been married? 14 years

3. How long have you lived in Glenwood? all my life ~ there was a short period in Omaha/Council Bluffs too.

4. Do you have family around here? yes, both sides and it is a blessing!

5. What is one invention that would make your life easier? really?? just one? dishwasher that loads and unloads its self.

6. The latest book or movie that made you cry? I don't know...I am a little behind since Stella has arrived.

7. Besides being a mother, what accomplishment are you most proud of? developing program/cirriculum for Methodist College.

8. A creative masterpiece you wish bore your signature? Dale Chihuly glass at the Bellagio

9. What are your hidden talents? well, I can pick up large objects with my grapefruit.

10. The best piece of advice you actually followed? She did what she could.....

11. The best thing you ever bought or borrowed? a Gucci purse at the thrift store for $3! ( shallow I know but what a steal!!)

12. Do you feel best in jeans & tshirts or skirt and blouse? why aren't sweats on this list?? I really like to dress up..but I will say tshirt and jeans.

13. Your dinner guest at the Ritz would be? my wonderful husband of course!

14. Time Travel: where, when, and why? I would love to be a pioneer (or Amish), live off the land, cook, sell my eggs to the mercantile...Just like Ma Ingalls.

15. Stress Management: hit man, spa vacation, or Prozac? hmm... medication for sure

16. Environment of choice: city or country and where on the map? Country...lake up north or vast openness in Montana

17. What is a project you are working on now? several quilts...

18. What is the messiest room in your house? depends on the day...

19. Which household helper do you want most: cook, housekeeper, nanny, personal trainer ? housekeeper

20. Dream job? lunch lady!!

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