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How to be a Good Mom- Instructions

How to be a Good Mom
Difficulty: Challenging

Things You'll Need:

Love your children no matter what they do. They show to others what they are given, and love is the most important gift you can give them! Hugs and kisses are mandatory. Hug them no matter how "old" they may think they are. Everyone needs hugs to survive.

Be patient when they spill the milk and get cookie crumbs on your brand new carpet. Count to ten and breathe. It's often hard not to yell. All mothers yell at some point and if you don't, you shouldn't be reading this! Train yourself to count. It might not save tears, but it will save pain.

Respect your children and they will respect you. Appreciate the things they do for you, and they will do them more often. Rewards and praises for jobs and tasks well done will teach them that working hard, being a good person, and doing it all unconditionally is key to sustaining a great life.

Show your children you are a responsible person by working, providing for them and caring for their needs. This will teach them to do the same for their families in the future. Building a loving home for a child is the ultimate responsibility. Cherish the moments of family and show your children how much you are willing to do for them.

Have goals for your children, your family and yourself. Involve your family in your goals, teach them to make goals of their own and challenge them to achieve them. For example, if they want a new toy and it's not close to Christmas or a birthday, have them do a few extra chores around the house they don't normally do to earn the toy. If your son or daughter is great at a sport or school encourage them to go the distance and beyond. Support the team, reward excellence and participate in their achievements.

Pass on traditions to your children. Some families have holiday traditions, others have daily traditions. Teach your children about your family history. Cook old family recipes together, try a family craft project or plan a party together. Keeping family traditions alive keeps the family close.

Influence your children to be the best they can be. Talk to them, learn what they want out of life and answer their questions. Children would much rather hear about life from people they love and trust than from complete strangers or friends. Your children will love and respect you more for talking with them, not to them.

Be kind to your children. They are born innocent. Keep them that way as long as possible. Treat your children with dignity, respect and love and they will treat you with the same!

By Jami Mack, eHow Contributor

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