Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mentor Mom- Wilma

We are blessed to be in our 6th year of MOPS in Glenwood- all with the loving guidance of wonderful Mentor Mom Wilma. She always finds the perfect devotional to read for us, has the most encouraging words of wisdom, and seems to always remember what is going on in our lives and checks in with us and see how things are going.

A little while ago, I sent her some interview questions. Here is her responses and a peek into her life and a chance to learn a little more about her:

1. My husband is Eugene Kelly. We've been married 50 years as of June 12th, 2010.

2. We have two children. John is 45 and Laura is 41.

3.I taught for 34 years and have volunteered at school the past 7 years since I've been retired.

4. My greatest accomplishment, I hope, is helping students have a love of learning, especially enjoying reading.

5. A couple of hobbies I have that I like to share with others is writing poems and quilting.

6. When my preschooler threw a fit in public I took them away from the situation (place) and talked to them privately. I'd to the same today.

7. I think two things are very important for Moms to remember. One is to be consistent in what you say and do. In other words, if you tell the child they'll be a consequence for a behavior, do it. The second important thing is to let the child know you love them, just that you do not love what they did!

8. Probably the best piece of advice I tried to follow was to recognize, in a postive way, their achievements and skills.

9. The most challenging thing about being a Mom was to always be consistent in what I said and did.

10. The most rewarding part of mothering is experciencing the growth in each child in their skills and seeing them as mature and capable adults. It's also wonderful to be a part of their activities in the different stages of their growth.

11. Yes, I think being a Mom now with grandchildren is easier. Experiencing the love and talents of the grandchildren is like the "frosting on the cake" of being a Mom!!

**Happy Grandparents Day today- Wilma! Thanks for all you do for us Moms!

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Laura said...

I'm sure she was talking about my brother in #6. Haha