Monday, September 13, 2010

Mommy & Me Monday: Muffin Tin Lunch

Do you have a picky eater? If not, please stop now and thank God for giving you such a unique blessing. Then quickly disregard this post or pass it along to a friend with a picky eater. If you DO have a picky eater, here is a great idea for motivating your finicky little one into eating a wider and more healthy variety of food. Make them a muffin tin lunch. This little presentation technique has worked wonders with my youngest son. He eats much more in both variety and quantity when fed this way. It's a really easy concept. Just grab a muffin tin (or even a bunch of those silicone baking cups if you have a fancier variety of kitchen gadgets than me) and fill each space with a separate food. Done! In the tin below my son had (from top left): ranch dressing, baby carrots (yes, they were old and dry), cheese cubes, (bottom row) pretzels, graham crackers and sliced strawberries. I introduced this idea to a friend's son when he was over at our house for lunch one day. He is a pretty picky eater and after trying this at our house he was begging his mom to let him have muffin tin lunch at his house! It is a real hit, so give it a try! (Maybe you'll want to make one for yourself!!)

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