Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday's Beauty Inside and Out Tip of the Week

Mineral Makeup has been taking the world by storm in the last few years. It is made up of 100% micronized minerals. The makeup contains no chemicals that are harsh to the skin. One of the key points of Mineral makeup is that you won’t find talc, fillers, rice powders, fragrance, silicones, chemicals, mica, wax, or dye in any of the products. Mineral makeup is suitable for all skin conditions including super sensitive and dry skin.

Many people compare the finish after applying the mineral makeup to the look of an air-brushed looking complexion.

Sometimes mineral foundations can emphasize enlarged pores and fine lines. Here is a tip I use that works like a charm:

Never use a Khabuki brush in applying mineral, instead use a long-handled fluff brush and work quickly all over your face to apply the product.

Next, using an eye cream (or a cream that is concentrated) dab a small amount in between your middle fingers...dab your fingers together to distribute the product until it feels dab your fingers over the fine lines (around the laugh lines, fine lines around eyes, between brows).

Then take a clean cosmetic wedge and dab where you applied the cream. Here is what is happening: the mineral foundation is settling in the fine lines emphasizing unwanted areas, then the eye cream is being distributed in the problem areas and adhering to the mineral particles. The dry cosmetic wedge is "pulling" out the unwanted product.

After you do these steps, you need to "set" the mineral. NEVER use just a mineral without setting the product. Try "Awaken" to mist over the face. If you don't have Awaken, try using an Evian water in a spritz bottle. I think JcPenny's used to sell Evian in spray bottles. DO NOT use a toner for this step as it will break-down the foundation. You MUST set a mineral to knock off the excess product and give the overall look of the skin a luminous glow!

Tiffany Harger

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