Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday's Beauty Inside and Out Tip of the Week

Dark circles under the eyes are attributable to many causes. Allergies, nasal congestion, too much sleep, too little sleep and heredity are among some of the most frequently cited causes.

Eat right…Plenty or proteins, fish and fresh fruit and vegetables (vitamin C and iron) and cutting salt out of your diet will help you look and feel a lot better. Salt dehydrates and vitamins and proteins will help keep the skin firm and looking healthy. Remember to always use an eye cream and drink plenty of H2O for hydration!
Despite the cause, if you don't have time to treat those dark circles before work or a big date, you need to find a way to conceal them.


Things You'll Need:
• Special concealer
• Foundation

Choose a Concealer
Choose a lightweight, cream concealer product. Use a yellow tinted concealer to hide dark purple circles, an orange concealer to hide blueish circles and blue, mauve or tan concealers to hide brownish circles. There are even green and light blue products to conceal red under-the-eye circles.

Apply Concealer to Dark Circles

1. Apply the foundation or tinted moisturizer you normally wear to even out your complexion. Blend it as you usually would, without paying any special attention to under the eye. Once your foundation is in place, you should be able to clearly see the dark circles that you need to conceal.

2. Use your specially purchased concealer on the dark circles, applying it in a thin, even coat. This can be accomplished either by using a makeup brush or by patting it on with your finger. I prefer patting as the heat from your finger helps the concealer melt into your skin for a flawless finish.

3. Pay close attention to the area where your eye meets the bridge of your nose. This area tends to have the darkest circles and may need more concealer. Other areas to look at closely are directly under your eye and the outside edge where your eye meets your cheekbone.

4. Powder the concealed areas with a translucent powder, using just enough so that the concealer no longer looks sticky or shiny.

Here’s to beautiful eyes!

Tiffany Harger

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