Monday, September 6, 2010

PMS- Preschool Mom's Survival (Mom's Night Out)

We all know that mothers of preschoolers need a little time away and to themselves to be the best mom they can be, right? This year we are introducing PMS for all of our MOPS moms. PMS stands for Preschool Mom's Survival- a way to have a little fun with friends and keep some sanity in your life!

The activities will vary but the dates are set. Mark your calendars now and plan a little "me time" into your schedule.

September 22- get-together at Connie's house
October 27- get-together at Christie's house
November 4- night out at the movies
January 26- TBD
February 23- TBD
March 23- TBD
April 20- TBD

**Please let us know if you have a suggestion such as movie night or if you are interested in hosting a get-together.

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